Thursday, December 6, 2012


Things I love about running:

Rain - refreshing and rejuvenating, keeps me cool, the thrill of being chased along by squalls

Music - my ipod brings the motivation, and the sound track to my dramatic running experience, contains masterpieces from Antonio Vivaldi to Jay-Z, my current favorites include: Monsters and Men, Rudimentals, Swedish House Mafia

Oscar - my faithful and tireless running companion, enjoys running in the rain less than I do, always on the hunt for road-kill or rubbish to carry proudly along as he runs circles around me

Hills - exhausting and rewarding, the more I do the more powerful I feel, always culminates in a dose of glorious downhill to rest legs and recover the lungs

Racing - the pre-race nerves, the thrill of lining up before the start, the training and the anticipation, pushing myself harder to run the best that I can

Endorphins - I always feel so good (mind. body and spirit) every time I run

Shoes - wicked colour, comfort and grip, makes me smile when I am watching my feet

Runners World - magaziney goodness, inspiration, nutrition, advice

Trails - trees, rocks, views, more challenging and with more variation than the tar-seal 

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