Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Super Seven #2

The concept is simple, seven fun runs, 7km each, seven weeks in a row.  I missed the first run in the series, but rocked up last night after work, on one of the warmer evenings that 2013 has provided so far.  There were hundreds of people there, babies in push chairs, kids, teens, parents, athletes and amateurs.

In the golden haze of the warm evening sun, we were counted down to the start, and dashed off over the grass.  The field was so large and bottle necked for the first km that everyone was forced to a walk through some of the narrower sections.

It was quite a new experience starting a run with so many people, and quite the bolster to my self esteem to be able to pass so many other runners until I settled into a group of similar pace.  I find it hard not to pass other runners just for the fierce and competitive joy of passing (I inevitably slow down after the pass, and they pass me again, probably laughing), but managed to reel in my pride, and settled into a steady pace after a fast couple of km. 

The course itself was lovely, and followed the river, complete with TWO drinks stations and smiling marshals at every turn.  The pace was faster that I have been used to for the longer runs and half marathons I have been completing, so I tried to treat this fun run as counting towards my speed training for the week. 

I finished fast and strong, pulling out all the stops for the last km and really pushing hard over the last couple of hundred meters to the finish.  Now that I am familiar with the course I will be able to pace myself better in future attempts.

I saw some fab footage today of Anna Frost running up Mt Taranaki, it was an education to see her speed and form, and that her success comes not from madly bashing up the side of mountains red faced and exhausted (like a faster version of myself), but that she is amazingly fit, seemingly galloping up the mountainside at about 100km/hr without even breaking a sweat or getting out of breath. Wow.  But then I suppose that is why she is an international superstar.

Only a couple of sleeps to go until the Tussock Traverse! Exciting!  It looks as through the weather will be good, so I am really looking forward to a run in the mountains, crisp alpine air and brilliant views.

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