Saturday, February 2, 2013

Routeburn Classic Entry Attempt #1

After a night of tossing and turning, and waking afraid that I had overslept and missed out, I rose early to prepare for entering the Routeburn Classic.  As the countdown to 7am progressed, I stood in front of my laptop, refreshing the internet page, and waiting for the agonizing last seconds to tick by until the entries opened.

7am came and went, and I couldn't access the page, refresh, refresh, refresh...still nothing, don't panic, the internet connection at home can be a bit dodgy, so surely I would be able to get through if I kept trying.

Seven fifteen and then seven thirty ticked by, still nothing, I must have missed out by now, and any way I had to leave for work.  I was bitterly disappointed. 

My better half kindly tried again for me an hour or two later, and apparently the server failed, entries were postponed, and I hadn't missed out.


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