Sunday, March 31, 2013

Trailblazer Routeburn Nutrition Plan

I read about this service on the recommendation of previous Routeburn Classic competitors. There is a good introduction to what the program offers on the Routeburn Nutrition page of the Routeburn Classic website and more information on the Trailblazer Site.

Signing up for the plan was easy, simply registering and paying through the Routeburn Classic website.  I got an email from Trailblazer nutrition within 24 hours.  I filled out the form asking about training and current nutrition practices, and received my personalized nutrition plan three days later.  

The plan is fantastic, providing much more comprehensive information than I have ever been able to find online, and best of all the advice is tailored to my specific training requirements.  I have learned heaps about carb-loading (and how to do it correctly), hydration, race fueling and correct training nutrition.  There are heaps meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, making it really easy to make sensible nutrition choices.  I really like how the plan offers realistic advice, allowing me to eat lollies (if I wish) but providing the sorts of portion sizes that will keep me healthy and on target for my Routeburn Classic goals.

I had been concerned that the price was a bit steep, but after receiving and implementing the plan, I am happy that I have received value for money.  Trailblazer Nutrition provide on going support and advice, and are very interactive, supportive and quick to respond.

I have often thought that my race fueling has been a limiting factor in my running, so it is fantastic to learn how I am better prepare myself for racing.

If you are interested in getting a plan, I recommend getting it as far in advance as possible, this gives you an opportunity to practice and perfect the nutrition for you.

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